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    at the vineyard

    Our house is located right in the middle of the vineyards in a quiet area of the village of Palzem. This is where we grew up, this is our vineyard, our home and this is where we are welcoming you as our guests. As soon as you get here, you can relax, enjoy and explore while the magnificent views from the balcony overlooking the vineyards will have a calming and inspiring effect on you.


    Get to know the wine culture

    Taste our great variety of wines in our newly designed wine house and pick your favourite. Discover the wine region on foot on a hike or a bike ride. There are countless hiking trails and cycle paths. The Moselsteig trail passes right by our house and invites you to embark on your first or your next journey – from Perl to Palzem or from Palzem to Nittel.

    Even before your trip begins, we will be happy to provide you with tips and recommendations for activities and events to enjoy during your holiday – because every season has new and different surprises waiting for you right here in the Moselle valley.

    Grape varieties





    From Nennig

    The southern Moselle region is our home. We grow our vines from Nennig to Rehlingen, along almost 20 km of the Moselle river. We plant and cultivate red and white grape varieties – including more than 20% of the oldest German vine, Elbling. One third of our vineyards consist of steep slopes, which means a lot of hard work. In winter, we prune the vines by hand, and in summer we take care of the vines and the foliage. Then, if all goes as planned and nature means well with us, we harvest the grapes for our wines in autumn.


    Our diverse grape varieties

    The varied southern Moselle region shapes the diversity of our wines. In Palzem, the soils near the Moselle river are made up of shell limestone – they are extensions of the Parisian Basin. The soils warm up very quickly and they are permeable.This is where our Elbling and Burgundy varieties thrive particularly well. In total, we grow 20 different grape varieties.

    Time to explore

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